Bryanston partners with several cutting-edge technology firms to drive innovation and change and acts as their commercialisation partner, especially in emerging markets. Our current portfolio includes amongst other technologies:

  • Electro Power Systems for the promotion of reliable, affordable and sustainable energy storage and micro grid solutions;
  • Indurad, a radar-based solution, for machine positioning, collision avoidance and volume measurement for mining and other industrial sectors.


Bryanston strategically identifies quality leads for technology companies by segmenting and prioritising target markets, industries and companies through its vast client network of industry giants across the globe.

“Despite our extensive business development efforts and great feedback from the technical teams of potential customers in Africa, we didn’t get where we wanted in this region. We were missing the crucial access to the management level. This changed in just one week: as part of the BRPI (Bryanston Resources Productivity Initiative), Bryanston organized an indurad roadshow and introduced us to the top management of virtually all relevant potential customers in Africa. The level of attention was exceptional and traction was powerful and immediate […]  The combination of convincing technology and senior management access has proven to be the ultimate entry ticket.” – Reik Winkel, CEO indurad


Bryanston provides support on the development of customized business cases tailored to potential clients’ specific applications. Our Technology Commercialisation Team offers a comprehensive package of services to complement Bryanston’s technology partners’ business development capabilities in emerging markets.


Under its Resources Productivity Initiative, Bryanston organizes simultaneous and multiple roadshows in the technology field across target geographies and allows its technology partners to be introduced to the top management of virtually all relevant potential customers in order to develop concrete project proposals and relationships.

“The Bryanston team has provided EPS with superior insight into the African market, not limited to their core natural resources franchise, and outstanding execution.” – Giuseppe Artizzu, Director of Global Energy Strategy, Electro Power Systems.


With a deep understanding of domestic market conditions, Bryanston provides end-to-end support during the sales process through pipeline and client management to drive tenders, steer negotiations and achieve deal completion.


Bryanston helps technology companies enter local partnerships and joint ventures in order to strengthen their route to market locally.