Our Mission

Bring the best expertise

The Bryanston team is made up of top-tier management consultants, former investment bankers, VC investors, “Magic Circle” lawyers, engineers and technology advisors. Our project teams are custom-fit to client project requirements, and complemented with external experts from our global and local networks. We always draw from the very best expertise for the topic at stake. Hence our business is run globally with seamless interactions across offices.

At the right time and place

Bryanston knows that not every project is a “sprint”, and that client organizations simply must not be left behind during solution development. Thus, we strive for flexibility of delivery models, truly joint teams, and efficient resource deployment.

Staying close

Bryanston relationships build on trust and long-standing commitment. We do not walk away after project completion. Instead, we support execution, or “just stay in touch” with operational teams, senior management and business owners, to continuously understand the progress of execution. Bryanston understands client relationships as a joint journey.

Because results matter

Projects must pay off for our clients. We jointly review the value potential of each project upfront, and emphasize implementable solutions in agreed project plans. Additionally, having an investor and entrepreneurial background ourselves, we are always willing to put our “skin in the game”, e.g., by taking risks alongside our partners.