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In emerging energy sectors and developing countries, there is a distinct lack of reliable power supply and consistent support for energy needs. In remote locations, including Africa, the Asian sub-continent and islands, access to reliable energy supplies comes in the form of expensive and dirty diesel generators. National power grids go down several times a day for several hours at a time.

Considering the current climatic and economical needs to find cleaner and cheaper alternative energy sources, solar energy is an obvious solution. However solar energy is only available during the day. The need to find a storage solution for solar power resulted in a 2015 partnership with Electro Power Systems (EPS).

Bryanston is helping develop EPS as a leading clean energy storage solution to provide reliable power sources to the telecommunication, commercial real estate and mining space. EPS are self-contained modular units which convert existing energy into hydrogen gas for later use in a fuel cell component to generate electricity. The EPS solution is already commercialised and has been installed in 18 countries globally in the mission critical telecommunications tower backup industry. Bryanston will assist EPS in leveraging off their successful technology into larger scale applications and into new industries and geographies.

Case study example: Nigeria would be an ideal market for EPS. The country is substantially under-electrified due to grid unreliability. Lagos is the largest privately owned location of diesel generators globally. EPS will leverage off the relatively cheap grid costs and excellent solar radiance of the country to provide autonomous and cheaper electricity solutions on a levelled cost basis.

Bryanston noticed an energy need and linked it to cutting-edge technology, EPS. Bryanston and EPS are now partnering to change the world.


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